Our vision of market developments

From the outset, we have been familiar with communication within mission critical environments. Initially starting as a rental organisation in two-way radios, we have now developed into a market leader and are a knowledge partner for mission critical communication solutions. We have seen the world change and we are changing with it.

Radio communication continues to play a part for us, and stands for communication with a very high level of availability. TETRA or DMR are often highly suitable for local or urban communication issues. In addition, we have customers who have a regional or national operating area. For them, Push-to-Talk on the mobile phone network is the ideal solution. Users want to stream and use apps while ensuring communication.

Industry 4.0

The demand for data communication is increasing exponentially. In 2021, the data need is expected to increase by a factor of nine over five years earlier. As a result, public broadband networks are growing and evolving to the latest broadband technologies (5G). This raises the question as to how guarantees can be offered on these public networks with regard to availability and reliability.

We see shifts in technologies: from analogue to digital and from voice networks (TETRA) to broadband data networks (LTE). Mission critical TETRA systems have been used for decades in, for example, industry and transport, within Public Order and Safety and by utility companies. Currently, these TETRA systems are mainly used as a private network at companies where high availability and/or specific radio coverage is required.

We also see shifts in the way of working. For communication, but also in the implementation of various work processes, the use of smart devices is increasing. In addition to voice communication (in the form of Push-to-Talk, PTT), users need access to a variety of applications on their smart device to simplify and/or accelerate their work processes. Mobile broadband solutions are required for the use of these mobile applications. LTE offers the possibility to use both PTT communication and mobile (data) applications that contribute to more efficient work processes on a single device.

Mission critical Push-to-Talk solution

To achieve mission critical voice and data communication via LTE, at least the same high standards that are common in traditional private mobile radio technologies, such as TETRA, must apply. In 2018, Flash Private Mobile Networks, PrioCom and T-Mobile have joined forces to realise a reliable, mission critical PTT solution on a national network. Not only do we achieve mission critical communication with the highest availability locally, but we can also offer it nationwide. We invest in broadband technology, and seek collaboration with professional partners. These partnerships allow us to provide customers with a broad spectrum of communication solutions, all suitable for mission critical applications!