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Our history

1996 – Flash Private Mobile Networks

Over 20 years ago, Flash began as a pioneer in radio communication, renting out two-way radios. Soon the sales and maintenance of mission critical mobile communication solutions were added.

Flash fully integrates developments such as machine-to-machine communication, the internet of things and business intelligence. Flash has mastered the art of clear communication. Customer requirements are accurately translated into functional applications. Flash integrates existing with new technology and thus offers its customers a future-proof growth path. They are now market leaders in the Netherlands and Belgium, with offices in both countries, in order to be able to optimally and reliably provide their services. This organisation has more than one hundred professionals who are available to customers 24/7 in all matters relating to mission critical communication and (private) mobile networks.

2009 – Acquisition Global NV Belgium

Flash Belgium took over all radio communication activities from Global NV in 2009. Flash has invested in the Belgian market with the aim of serving its customers even better in the future and increasing its current market share.

2011 – 2WAY BV

2WAY was established as a start-up in September 2011, from a collaboration between Flash Private Mobile Networks and SAIT, aimed at increasing market share within the specific domain of Public Order and Safety (OOV) in the Netherlands. 2WAY is now 100% part of the MCS holding structure. 2WAY delivers and maintains ICT infrastructures and communication solutions to the Dutch Public Order and Safety sector and affiliated organisations. 2WAY is an integrator in the innovation process for the P2000 paging network, which has already been completed, as part of the national C2000 network. As a start-up, it has quickly developed into a professional consultancy agency and a valued network integrator within the Public Order and Safety domain.

2018 – PrioCom BV

The Rotterdam start-up, PrioCom, is the first mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) for mission critical communication. In partnership with T-Mobile and Flash Private Mobile Networks, PrioCom offers a virtual private network on T-Mobile’s commercial cellular network, with high availability and reliability. This makes the solution highly suitable for business and mission critical communication. This unique partnership has caused a stir by bringing together two worlds, that of commercial network providers and that of radio networks. The solution offered is unique, and distribution takes place through the reseller channel. Since its establishment a year ago, PrioCom has been able to attract a large number of resellers.

2019 – Flash Connectivity Group

A new organisational model was set up in 2019 to give plenty of scope for innovation and to work through start-ups and partnerships with third parties. Staff departments have been set up to facilitate the separate business units, enabling the companies to focus on their core activities and achieve growth. This model forms the basis for the umbrella organisation: Flash Connectivity Group