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Our core values


Our core values constitute the DNA of our organisation. They contribute to our unique service to customers. The Flash Connectivity Group consists of partners who identify themselves with the core values below.

Knowledgeable and experienced

We have knowledge and expertise in business and mission critical communication. We know what is involved and what is needed. We share this knowledge and advise our partners and their customers. We have gained significant experience in the market and have sector-specific and technical (product) knowledge. Within our group, most of our employees have years of experience and sound technical knowledge, which they share with each other and apply in practice.


We are connected to the world around us, which is why we keep a close eye on trends and developments. We consciously opt for collaborations with professional partners. This focus on mutual cooperation ultimately offers customers the best service. We connect with the market. We know the processes of our partners’ customers like no other, and we understand the situation and what our customers need. By entering into strategic partnerships, we ensure the translation of customer needs into the technological solutions and services we offer.


By following innovations and then intelligently operationalising them, we are able to respond effectively to important developments. When it comes to business and mission critical communication, thorough knowledge and expertise is needed. To be inventive, knowledge and expertise must be safeguarded. Within this context, knowledge management is important. We develop new products, applications and services, based on technological innovations in the market. To achieve this, we take on the role of pragmatic knowledge holder, we invest in software and programming possibilities and we actively stimulate inventiveness (creativity and curiosity).


As a stable organisation, we offer our stakeholders security in several ways. We have the expertise to advise our customers well and to offer smart, reliable solutions. The fact that we work with proven technology, namely equipment and networks of premium brands and high-quality partners, contributes to our status as a reliable partner in critical communication. Our high level of service also contributes to the security we offer our customers. We are steadfast, loyal and service-oriented, as well as pragmatic and realistic. We focus on building a long-term customer relationship, in which we always stick to our agreements. We are also financially healthy. According to Graydon and Dun & Bradstreet, we are one of the most creditworthy companies in the Netherlands. We are focused on growth and have various certifications. In short, Flash works with stable partners who are here to last.