About Flash Connectivity Group

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Flash Connectivity Group is a group of specialised companies, including Flash Private Mobile Networks, 2WAY BV and PrioCom BV. With a wealth of experience, history and a wide range of technological solutions in business and mission critical communication, Flash has been a leading organisation.

We are inventive and see opportunities in the market. For that reason, we are establishing start-ups such as 2WAY and PrioCom, with a focus on a specific market segment or technological solution. Flash Connectivity Group wants to grow and supports its businesses with support services. That way, any company within the holding company can concentrate on its core business.


As an umbrella organisation, Flash facilitates services in:

  • HR
  • Business Development
  • Marketing & Communication
  • Procurement & Contract Management
  • Finance
  • Management

Our promise

We guarantee security and efficiency in mission and business critical conditions with the best technological communication solutions and services.